Can't quite remember where I got this. Just found it in one of my folders, in notepad format.

Once upon a time, there were four people;

Their names were Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody.

Whenever there was an important job to be done, Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.
When Nobody did it, Everybody got angry because it was Everybody's job.
Everybody thought that Somebody would do it, but Nobody realized that Nobody would do it. So consequently Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done in the first place.

9 nights more

Year two of my simbang gabi moments.

Day nine ended in a wet drizzle, much to the dismay of the nightly commute. Now, I guess it's time to get with the superstitious (though widely practiced...even by myself) program and make that wish.

The future remains uncertain, and the past will always willingly unleash mind-wracking regret whenever it has a chance. Despite the uncertainty and randomness of everyday life, I always find myself caught in a sense of intrigue, if not confusion. Not because almost everyday contains its own dose of boredom (How intriguing, eh?), but rather, I literally learn something new each day.

I'm thankful for another year, simply for the fact that I'm still breathing. I need not count my blessings, as a myriad they truly are. I'm alive. I can look up at the sky, reach for the sun, and dream. It's all hunky-dory peachy from where I'm standing.

Screw the future. It hasn't even been made yet.

I love my LIFE, I love my WORLD.

The times you ask God, WHY?

It's quite amazing how the mind works in the wee hours of the morning. Even more amazing is what six straight hours of half-baked, seemingly coerced music could do to your body.

Music is something beautiful. I intend to keep this little rant-esque entry as brief as possible. Tally-ho.

Live Music: Eight random points to brood upon:

1. Icing : Cake / Vocalist : Band

- Now, there's a myriad of great bands out there, complete with the much required passion, gusto, and mad skills. True enough, some would believe that an insane guitar virtuoso or mad slapping speed bassist would be enough to bring a band to rock glory. In this case, I say nay.

If a vocalist sings like your resident drunkard, compares to your high school declamation champ, or is no other than Jayson Fernandez, then there's definitely something wrong. Yes, an obvious, and quite irritating problem nowadays.

2. In a charity concert, you get your money's worth.

- I'm not insinuating that they're in it for the money, but honestly, who plays for free? I'd say for every fifty really good bands, only three would wholeheartedly play free of charge. So, what about the other eighteen slots for the concert of twenty one acts? It's a little something called mediocrity. It's everywhere. It scares me.

3. The Ramones are Punk, you are not.

- Teenagers nowadays find sped up versions of old, mushy love songs quite "hip" and "cool", much to the dismay of the older generation and other teenagers who know better. It's this kind of travesty that really grinds my jellybeans.

Playing "It might be you" in doubled speed isn't something pleasant. To tell you the truth, I can't think of anything more ridiculous to compare it with. See how it impairs my thinking? Getting hit by a parked car pales in comparison to this sort of bullshit. At least I get a good laugh out of it. Hehe, funny parked car.

4. There's more to awesome than stock knowledge.

- Having diverse knowledge and distinct taste in music is definitely an advantage. This sets you apart from the newbies, posers, and dumbarses, kicking you up a notch on that ladder of music know-how.

This however, is not enough. You may be an avid fan of Rage Against the Machine, but to even think about attempting to cover these songs without having the slightest idea of how capable you are is somewhat...unexplainable. So, before you go out there to emulate Zack de la Rocha, make sure you can live up to the name, or at least sing decently.

5. Oh shit, it's the fog!!!

- If you're a fan of the band Join the Club, then you must know that they recently joined another club; the Obscure Lethargic Almost Terminated Sessionists, or OLATS.

Citing a certain instance last night during the particular charity shindig I've been ranting about, they were supposedly one of the twenty one bands to play. Despite their obscurity and lack of talent, they did show up early in the evening. As expected, no one cared.

Surprisingly, they disappeared later on, never to be seen during the remainder of the concert. Now, how obscure can one get, right? Yeah, I thought so.

6. Teenagers nowadays...

- I won't elaborate on this point, seeing how sad the situation is. Just use your imagination, do the math, then go figure.

7. Original turf = SUPERSTARDOM

- Just a little observation. Quite predictable, actually.

No matter how much you suffer from points 1, 3 and 4, as long as you're a prominent guy with a half-decent band on your own turf, the audience members will literally wipe the sweat off your face and frame the wet towel in their own little shrine. Creepy much? Embrace it. No one else will think you're cool anyway.

8. Leave to Hayley what is meant for Hayley, especially if your name is George.

- My own little pet peeve; role reversals which end in disaster.

This applies to songs from every female band which have that much fame in the teenage generation. Covering songs is fun and all, most especially in the company of your band, in the privacy of a rehearsal studio. Much better if you can pull it off with your own twist, thus giving a distinct sound.

Misery Business was never meant to be sung live by pre-pubescent boys. Better yet, it wasn't meant to be sung AT ALL by pre-pubescent boys. Yes, your testicles may not have dropped yet, but no matter how high up those balls are, you're still no Hayley Williams.

Point Zero -

- Giniling Festival is ALWAYS worth the wait. Whether it be the long dragging hour waiting for the first act, or the six hours of auditory madness before the last, which ever place you put them, they steal the show. See you guys at the UP Fair.

Bah. Baloney. So, this ends my little bashfest.

Crappy as the night may have seemed, it took just one person to turn things around 180. Sensya na medyo lanta yung mga bulaklak, si Bruce kasi eh. XD


Afternoon delight


Take Five

Nothing flashy, nothing articulate, nothing witty, nothing boggling, nothing beautiful, nothing artsy, nothing interesting, nothing relevant, nothing good, nothing to see.

Nothing at all.

Whippity Slip

For twenty years, much has been evident in this blurred field of vision. The bewilderment offered by uncertainty, even more by the unknown. Forever cloaked in a mysterious enigma of sugar-coated taffylike bittersweetness. Scrumptious goodness masking the acidic core of rage and despair.

Forever have I yearned for the transcendence of mind offered by much time dwelling in silence and solitude, steadily listening to the wind. At times a violent gale, though overlapped by the calmness of a summer breeze. The wind merely blows upon my soul, causing nothing else but a slight chill.

For a score have I been aware of everything, keen in almost all senses, my mind in perfect rhythm with every single thought, bubbling endlessly into a parallel universe.

For once, I honestly don't get it.

Kindled Sky

Darkness of the ceiling.

It started off with a vibration from under my pillow. I scoffed at my cellphone's alarm and got ready to doze off for a few more minutes.

I couldn't afford to be late this time. Strike three, and they'll be off with my head.

It was already 5 o'clock, and the sun was still seemingly fast asleep. Orange light from the lamp post crept across the front lawn, onto the window sill, giving me that weak sense of security at night. My room was chilly and dark; lifeless, let alone the tiny night light flickering in the corner to an eerie rhythm. Just like every morning, just the way I like it.

Breakfast was out of the question. A quick shower was on the agenda as I hurriedly prepared my daily belongings, zipping through the house. The tepid water was such sweet gratification in such a morning gone awry, making me forget why I even bother to wake up so early, why I even bother to earn for my own ass, why I even bother...period.

With the faucet's knob tightened, I snap back into reality.

Concluding my morning rituals, I bid the family farewell. Plugging in my earphones, I set off to the big city. Making a living can be tedious. It's like clockwork. Every day's a new day, but you know damn well it'll be the same.

I took the usual path towards the first part of my dawn trip. A short walk down the street, a quick jeepney ride, and an eternity of waiting at the bus stop.

Humming to Audioslave's Be Yourself, I kept my cool among the other irate morning travelers. I slowly closed my eyes and bobbed my head to the drumbeat of each verse; tapping my shoe to the distorted chorus. The song kept me at bay for a while, Chris Cornell was a lifesaver...but for how long? Feeling my fist clenched tightly for a whole twenty minutes with the song looped, I had reached my limit. I prepared to let out a yell of frustration, careless of whoever would fall victim to my noise.

The bus arrived...just in time.

For the longest two hours of my life, I was smothered in-between the bodies of hurried people, desperately squeezing themselves into the bus aisle. Noisy and whiny, incurring my piss-hatred by the minute. I don't know what the big rush is, it's not like their offices will leave them or anything. Jerks. Yes, the morning angst blurred my common sense in such a comical fashion.

Ah yes, the towers peeked from the horizon, signifying how damn close I was to getting to work. I put away my MP3 player, lazily rolling the phones around the metal body for safe keeping. I got ready to alight the bus.

A few passengers including myself slowly moved towards the exit, one by one onto the main road. I stared blankly at the steps, at the concrete, then to my right...

A truck careened into the side of the bus, toppling the mammoth automobile like a pile of wood. A flurry of sparks and flying debris sent everyone into a stampede of panic, turning the otherwise quiet morning into a riot.

I was still dazed, feeling a warm, piercing pain on my left arm. I dared not look.

I slumped down beside a concrete wall, clutching my left arm in fear. I stared at the morning sky in its bright orange hue, beckoning me into a fiery abyss, so lovely...

Next time, I'm having breakfast.

They call me Peaches

Kinetic Intelligent Lifeform Limited to Efficient Repair

The irony of it all

Username and Password please?

but opkors XD

Oo nga naman.


The Randomness of AWESOME

The most unlikely elements.

Misty Moisty Morning

The morning sun finally came out. I didn't miss it. Even more now that I finally decided to wear a jacket to work. Curse you, fickle-minded weather, you and your indecisive rainshowers.

Good (yet awfully tedious) Morning to everyone supposedly reading this. In case you decide to log in a little later, then good (most likely uneventful) day, kind sir/ma'am.

Heyers, I know you're still asleep (yeah, I'm stalking you :p), so just rest up. Take it easy today and don't stress yourself out (I mean it, DON'T). It just so happened that good ole' Lady Luck had a PMSing bitchfit, thus pumping immense amounts of stress, worry and hullabaloo into your pretty little head. If only I could be there to take care of you, I sure as hell would. I'd really love to. Kaya tandaan, PUMETIX ka lang ngayong araw, hehe! I miss you. <3

Time to work.

Forcefed in the morning

One can only be obedient for so long.

Tamang sarbey lang dahil tamad mag-blog

1. Private o public school mo nung hs?
Pribadong pangmadre

2. Lagi ka bang nalelate?

Serbis boy. Guilty as charged. No.

3. Complete uniform ka ba lagi?

As much as possible, inaalis ko ang I.D ko...to no avail.

4. Kumakanta ka ba ng Pambansang Awit at School Hymn?

Kapag di ako pinapawisan sa tindi ng araw. Baka sakaling ganahan ako.

5. Active ka ba sa klase?
Pag di tulog

6. Magulo ka ba sa klase?
Pag di tulog XD

7. Nagbebenta ba ang teacher niyo ng goods nya sa klase nyo?
Hindi nga eh, sayang.

8. Napaoffice ka na ba at bakit?
Oo, para kumuha ng mga drafting materials. TEE SKWUR tsaka TRIANGGUL.

9. Nakabasag ka na ba ng instruments sa laboratory niyo?
Siguro...kung di ako tulog.

10. Sumali ka ba sa mga intramurals?

Hindi eh. Alam na...

11. Gumagawa ka ba ng assignments o copy lang?
Sa mga bihirang pagkakataon, gumagawa naman ako kahit papaano. Madalas kupya.

12. Kumakain ka ba tuwing break?
Sino bang hinde?

13. Ano ang favorite mong food sa recess?
Tourist/Safari/Tofiluk tsaka Coke.

14. Natutulog ka ba sa klase?
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hindi siguro.

15. Pumapasok ka ba sa ibang room?
By accident. Ay, sorry po.

16. Nagtetext ka ba habang nagkaklase kayo?
Bawal eh.

17. Nagdadala ka ba ng mga pagkain sa room niyo?
Oo, may lunchbox yata to!

18. Ano pinaka mahirap na subject mo sa lahat?
Kahit anong may Math. Bwakanginang mga numero yan.

19. Natawag mo na bang "sir" ang ma'am nyo, at "ma'am" ang sir niyo?
Hinde pa naman. Tenklord.

20. pangalan ng eskuwelahan mo noong HS?

Mater Carmeli Iskul.

21. Naaksidente ka na ba nung hs ka?
Oo, nadulas ako habang nagmomoro moro. Yum.

22. Ano ang laging kinakain mong pagkain sa canteen?

23. In general, love mo ba highschool life mo?
Teka, isipin ko muna.

24. Sumali ka ba sa theater nung hs?
Hinde eh.

25. Dancer ka ba nung hs?
Hinde. Naging sideline ko nalang yun nung college, for extra allowance.

26. Naging CAT officer ka ba nung hs?
Hinde eh.

27. Favorite subject mo nung hs?

28. Catholic ba school mo?

29. Sumasali ka ba sa mga clubs at organizations and why?

30. Pinakanamimiss mo nung hs ka?
Si Sir Edwin. XD

31. Ngkikita pa ba kayo ng classmates mo nung hs?

oo naman

32. Miss mo na rin ba teacher mo dati?
Si Sir Edwin lang XD

33. Nagbabatuhan ba kayo ng papel nung hs?

34. may nag sayaw ba sayo nung prom mo?
meron naman

35. umiyak ka ba nun hs ka?


36. asa star section ka ba?
OO. Istariray!!!

37. na kick out ka ba?
Sayang. Hinde eh

I can spell happiness with four letters

I got lost.

It all happened so fast.

Silenced, grinning, and left blushed like a schoolgirl.

An incomparable warmness I've never felt before.

Missing you every minute.

It's raining again.

Yeah, It's all so random.

I couldn't be happier <3

Into the swing of things - Comprehend at own risk

If there's such a thing as a 180 degree spin in an otherwise boring if not totally unfortunate lifestyle...then here it is. BEHOLD!!!


Being underpaid for two weeks while seeing your former co-trainees (now co-teachers) spiderwalk up the money tree (courtesy of Soju, Gimbap and EGGS) gave me my fair share of doubts and piss-induced angsty fits. The kid from Lagro was losing hope...until *bleep*

But please allow me to end this rant and keep you all hanging about how nice life has become.

Euphoria at its finest.

I'm here to stay, keeping this FLAME alive.

-IHFY- fits perfectly.


When is the right time?
Time reveals the unknown; with conviction.
Foreshadowing tears of pain and guilt

In lieu of a summer's day, rain provides ample solace
Soothing the soul in a cathartic swirl

Will the right time come?
Restless is the boggled heart, till truth be told
Overwhelming the mind, slurring its purity
Never admitting its concealed debauchery
Gaudily retorting with a smile

Why ask?
Indistinct is the redness of the sky
Terror in all it's dim crimson glory
Hypnotizing, fixating, magnificent

Must I go on and on with the inevitable?
End the uncertainty, enter uneasiness

Realization cometh

No longer will I cringe in fear at the idea of losing my teenhood.

Age is what I need right now. Age is what matters.

All I want is to get out of this hell-hole most people call home.

The stuff I find online XD


Check it out XD

Holy Cheese on Krackerz!

blog readability test

Movie Reviews


10 things that'll make me go OOOOOOOOH!

Grabbed from Bosingfiao XD

DISCLAIMER: Subject to change whenever I start getting lucky in life.

10 things that'll make me deliriously ecstatic...or hunky dory. I'm not that easy to please, but not too picky either. Watch as my imagination unfolds. In short, lemme bore yo mind.

10. A sunny, windy day.

- Yes siree, this'll do the trick. Nothing beats seeing the clear blue sky with a cool breeze in your face. More than once have I been caught staring upward with a smile when this sort of weather occurs. But who cares, I have the wind in my face and I wouldn't have it any other way.

9. Cherry 7-up and Apple Sauce

- Though I'm quite sure diabetes will be my best friend on this, my summer wouldn't have been complete without these saccharine delights. The sore throats and shifty metabolisms were well worth it. I'm shallow. YES. But we're only at number niiiiiiine.

8. One friggin, tricked up Mazda RX-8 MS (mazda speeeeeeed)

- I drive stick, yes. But I'll go full auto on this one. Just looking at it makes me....*wipes mouth* As far as car fetishes go, this is the one and only automobile for me. If God grants me a car, let it be an RX-8.

7. My own pad with everything in it, hopefully in the SCOUT area

- Proximity, convenience, and no rules. Nuff said XD

6. A sense of contentment/relief

- With all these distractions, temptations, and FOOD sprouting from thin air, you just crave for more of everything. To just wake up one day having not to worry about ANYTHING in the near or distant future would be grand. A "whole life insurance" package, if you will.

OKAY, now I'm halfway, so things are gonna get serious around here...

5. Blueberry Cheesecake

-.......WHAAAAAAT? A little decadence hurt no one. Besides, Blueberry Cheesecake is LOVE, and love is serious business. Never underestimate the power of the cheesecake...EVER.

4. That drunken feeling which I seldom get (maybe twice in my lifetime?)

- As Fergie said, "Now as the drinks start pourin and my speech start slurrin, errbody start looking real good." Plus that feeling when your head gets heavy and you start laughing...then fall asleep.

3. A Full Moon during a blackout

- Nothing says "Je Taime...and that's the only French I know.", like a full moon emanating blue light all around. I might as well amuse myself at the time because its hot as hell inside the house.


- We all dreamt of being super...somethings in our younger years, right? Hmm...

Ive always wanted to sprout six black wings and summon a twenty foot katana from the sky. Not to mention the perks of 20/20 vision, monstrous cardio and always being a total hottie regardless of how much you eat....or how many limbs you regenerate.

Aaaaand heres number one on my list. I didn't get the idea from anyone but I'm sure I share the sentiments of many...

1. Kiss...me... in the rain

- Since I was fourteen. Yep yep, it's always been the scenario playing in my mind accompanied by Babyface's "Every time I close my eyes" and Marvin Gaye's "Lets get it on". Totally cliche for some, but I just love the idea of it. Who cares if people stare, or if you get pneumonia, or if your mom passes by and faints? You shared a *insert time limit* kiss under the rain, something more magical than...FRIGGIN MAGIC ITSELF! For me, nothing could compare to that. *sigh*

Je Taime, Sil Vous Plait XD

To the two oldest lovers in my heart (stressing on the OLD)

Happy Silver Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Whole lotta lovin.


Points to ponder...well, sorta:

1. Graduating is not as pretty a picture as it seems.

2. The library is not a place of refuge for the weary, its where nuns and emos play god.

3. The typical "Pick-up sticks" game causes the utmost tension, coupled with high entertainment value.

4. "May nagsabi sa akin na inirapan mo raw ako." is another person's way of saying, "I SOOOOO WANNA BE YOU BECAUSE IM SOOOOO INGGIT AND MY ENGLISH SAKS!"

5. Metrosexuals are clean, not gay.

6. The Grilled Tomatoes at Grilled Tomatoes aren't so grilled after all.

7. Only one person can be President and Archbishop at the same time: Sam Concepcion

8. A gut-wrenching English exam is passable, regardless of how wrenched your guts are.

Next week, I bid my unemployment farewell. Can't wait XD

SR # Wan

Carlos: Aysus...tingnan mo nga naman itong Callalily video na to. May pa disye-disyerto pang nalalaman. Bwakanang...

Nathan Cruz: Dude, chill. There are a lot of WAY worse bands out there. Plus, they're just making a living out of what they love the most, MUSIC. Just look at how they reach out to the public. Huge fanbase ahoy. So, cut the guys some slack, will ya?

Totoy Inosente: Oo nga, Oo nga. Sabi sa TV tsaka mga magazine, magaling daw yung Callalily pati na rin yung Spanjkola tsaka Shamrak. Tsaka tingnan mo o, sila rin yung tumugtog sa favorite online game ko, LINEAGE TWO. Ok na yung ganyan, kaysa dun sa mga video na puro babaeng halos hubad na, eww naman...

Won-Byun: Lam mo Toy, bobo ka.

Totoy: Hinde kayahh...

Won-Byun: YES YOU ARE!

Totoy: Okie...

Won-Byun: Anywaist, agree ako kay Carl, mga ugok. Eh, pogi rock lang naman yan eh, kasama ng halos lahat ng ibang banda out there. Di bale sana kung kasing gwapo at hot ko yung vocalist nila. Eh mukhang garbage! C'mon, lose the fucking scarf already. *strikes a pose*

Nathan: That is so predictable of you. So subjective, and so full of yourself. Take a look at Gardo, a man of few words. I'm sure whatever he says would make a lot more sense than your conceited ramblings, right Gardo?

Gardo: SHAT AP! AY KEEL YOUUUU!!!! *bangs head on wall*

Carlos: Whatever. Para sakin, L`arc~en~Ciel ripoff yang bidyo na yan. Buti nalang di kasing haba ng...ano nga ba yung isa nilang kanta, yung 5 minutes halos?

Nathan and Totoy: Magbalik.

Gardo: *pahabol* GRRROOOWRZZZZ!!!

Carlos: Ayun, whatever. Buti nalang ito, di kasing haba nun, dahil baka dumugo't bumula nalang yung bibig ko pag nagkaganoon.

Totoy: Wahhh...ang sama muhhh...

Won-Byun: Ikaw kasi Totoy, puro cartoons tsaka video games ang inaatupag mo. If only you were as hot as me, siguro di ka tatanga tangang ganyan. *twirls then strikes a pose facing the mirror* You want a piece of me? Nahh..you want the whole thing, dontcha? *wenk sabay kagat labi*

Totoy: Huhuhuuuuuhhh *punas sa mata like a kiddie*

Carlos: Riiiiiiight....Nate, check mo nga yung freezer kung may Strawberry Ice Cream pa. Lam ko meron pa from last night eh.

Nathan: Oh snap...

Eberywan: *makes lingon*

Nathan: Dude...theres...no...more...Ice Cream...

Eberywan: O_O

Carlos: Punyemas naman yang utol ko oh, paano nya mauubos ang one gallon sa loob ng dalawang gabi??!!! Sabi ko na nga bang hinde babae yun eh...

Nathan: Sweet...sugary...decadence...all gone...damn.

Totoy: *hagulgol*


Oh Blue moon, harro.

First of all, to whoever had to put up with my whining, bitching, and poetry out of the ordinary, please pardon my abnormal behavior. My midlife crisis comes about chopped in itty bitty pieces which pop up and rape me at random instances. Mooooving on...

Insecurity in a billion aspects.

Ever get that feeling of inferiority? That feeling of rejection as you look upon whoever made it in that race against time? Fuck the cliches, I'm serious. Once again, the whole concept of how unfair life is rises from the dead. I thought I buried that nonsensical idea along with all those repressed childhood memories. Oh welly, here we go down nightmare-y lane.

Something snapped inside of me. Being cooped up at home for this long has finally taken its toll on me, I guess. I've had a few hellish experiences and instances which I'm quite sure have contributed to the proverbial "snapping". Also, certain people (a few peeps, and an entire SPECIE) have been privileged enough to be in my line of sight. I just hate it when people impair my vision.

After that Eli Roth-worthy English exam I took yesterday (yes, I'm still on that futile excuse for a JOB HUNT), I came up with this conclusion that my brain is slowly deteriorating. I haven't been myself lately. Committing the slightest of errors on fool-proof situations, forgetting what the hell I was supposed to do after planning to do it ten seconds ago, delusions, and to epitomize it all, this English exam which brought me to my knees. Never has the English language beaten me up enough for me to piss my pants in fear of unemployment. Despite everyone's reassurance, I have a gut feeling that I won't be receiving that phone call.

As much as I indulge in self-pity, I despise admitting my weakness. However, its too late for pride now. I guess I'm just inadequate.

I look back on anything positive. It's no picnic when your heart is scraping your insides wanting to get out and kill something. Bitterness and Jealousy have been true homies. Those two have let me into their casa many a time, and during my stay there, I grew fond of their second cousin, Anger. However, Anger moved out a while after, leaving the two behind. I guess good ole B and J are here to stay. I suppose many would agree, sou desu ka? I'm being as vague as possible. Work with me here.

There, I said it. I hate admitting I'm weak, and I hate it more when I get owned in the face.

I know that a blog isn't the most appropriate place for this, but God help me that I take a pen and write all this down in horrid penmanship further pissing myself off, therefore defeating this whole point of venting what popped my chest like a nuke.

Sorry for hiding my humanity for so long. I just don't wanna sound like...never mind.


When? No Idea. Soon? Maybe.

Silently, I waited along the dirt road
Alone and cold, the dim lights pervade fear into my blood
You define beauty, both heartfelt and seen
Outside my walls you shone, captivating, ever luminescent
Never had I looked for something better
All I had ever wanted was an epitome of you
Reality is the cruelest mistress
As cold as ice, it reared it's massive head

My eyes grow weary, so does my soul
In due time however, fortune may blossom

Along this dirt road I will travel, waiting no longer
My weary eyes seek refuge from these dimmed lights of fear
Out in this cold, your light never fades
Respite for my soul, your tender smile beckons
Elsewhere you may be, in my heart you remain

I will rip your heart out and set you on fire.

Provoking me to kill with relentless prejudice? Alrighty.

Its your awareness without action that peeves me the most

Its right in your blurry, squinted field of vision
You already see the true feelings and blatant exclamations of affection
You already see how that heart beats faster around you...

Yet, how do you react? Lets see.

Playful banter and seemingly humorous teasing
Quite cute. In your own dysfunctional mind
You are an abomination

How long do you plan to masquerade with this unknowing persona?
Will you continue to break the one heart that constantly warms up to you...
the one heart that leaves everyone else in frigid winter?

Yes you will. Just because you can.

Confidently, you charm, cavort, and feign that same innocence
You keep a beautiful soul waiting in vain
As many times as that line has been said, you have denied the obvious

Death is one thing served from above
One thing not delivered by man

Lucky you.

I fear not your capabilities
I fear not your intellect
I fear not your companions
I fear you not

Your aesthetics disgust me
You are far from perfection
You are the dirt I tread on

When the time comes that you finally break that beautiful soul in my presence
Vengeance will come swiftly
I'll see you in hell


A gun that fires shurikens and lightning

I suddenly realized (yes, JUST NOW)...

I want to share my life with someone.

Good luck with that, Guvna.

LOTS of luck.

They say nothing lasts forever.

Will you be my nothing?

Champola lost me at age 9

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
Weekend of May 24th. Circumstantial, mandatory, yet quite amusing bonding time with good old father while mom and Bruce went and got fat in faraway Davao. Saw a whole different side of him. A less tense and more carefree side. Never really enjoyed spending time with dad in the past. Quite ironic that just when I had no choice, I had fun.

"If you were the opposite sex, would you go and date yourself?"
Hey, with the way I think, absolutely anything could happen. But the question here is:

Would myself date my opposite sex self?... Bah, anywho...

JC you hot young man... Rrrrrawr...XDDD

"If you could ask God one question and he would answer you, what question would it be?"
Oh I'd give God a friggin field day.

Why the HELL are there women more MANLY than MEN?! (not vice versa, I'm quite biased) Is there some friggin LOOPHOLE i'm unaware about? Also, why did you create...cockroaches?

That's what I MIGHT ask. On a more serious note though...

Why did you create me as an inferior individual in your otherwise equal yet dystopian world?

If he can give me an answer...yebah.

"If given the gift of immortality would you accept it? Why?"

Of course, it'd be fun the first three to four years with me flying through the air, falling from buildings, jumping into moving traffic, shooting myself, and getting rich from freak shows. Truly profitable and high entertainment value.

But its always fun and games until everyone you love is gone.

I think the gift of eternal hotness would be good enough, don't you agree?

"Do you recall a time in your life when God sent you a sign right under your nose, and you failed to recognize it then and only got it afterwards?"
I'm sure. Maybe I purposely avoided those signs out of fear.

"Would you choose love over career or career over love?"
Ever heard of the phrase, "no money, no honey?"

Go figure. They go hand in hand. So, career for love, it is.

"Do you believe that destiny brought you to where you are right now or is it your own choice that led you were you are exactly?"
The whole destiny - own choice thing has been nipping at my heels for far too long.

Maybe I'm where I am because I avoided what destiny has to offer. Maybe I followed what destiny laid out in front of me. Maybe I live in some parallel universe where everyone is just a mechanical puppet being observed through two-way bulletproof plexi-glass.

Case in point. Wherever am now, it was because of my achievements, screw-ups, and whatnot. No idea where destiny comes in.

"When do you know when enough is ENOUGH?"
When your friends and family tell it to your face.

"Is seeing really believing?"
Something arguable. I'd be a hypocrite if I said no, but I'm a God believer. What to do....

"Would you rather come back to the past or would you prefer to see the future?"
The past can't be fixed, but the future can be altered. I'd dwell and ponder on the present to see it all through...and avoid screw ups.

Could it be fate?...

I received a text message from one Dr. Decena asking if he could call me. Weird and random...

Later on, he followed up with yet another text message, asking again, clearly stating that he's at his vet office awaiting my reply. Still weird, but not so random anymore...

Soon enough, I got the call...just weird.

Dr. Decena (supposedly): Hillo?
Me: (short pause) Moshi Moshi?
Dr. Decena: Ahh...Attorney Macaspac ni? Dito aku Bet opis.
Me: Ahhh ehh...
Dr. Decena: Attorney?
Me. Ay, sorry ho, wrong number.
Dr. Decena: Ukie.

Indeed, that was a wrong number and quite an awkward conversation...yet intriguing...and still weird.

Who is this Attorney Macaspac, and how are his digits uncannily the same as mine? Where could these people be? Were they using code names? Did they have breakfast? Why the hell did I say Moshi Moshi? What does NI mean? (sorry, no orientation to other dialects)

These were a few questions going through my mind...when it hit me...not weird anymore, bro.

Maybe I REALLY was Attorney Macaspac yet not fully aware! Maybe I'm not really who I think I am and have another name...

like Gardo.

Yeah...Gardo Macaspac...attorney at law.

Random afternoon. A reason why I fell asleep...now thats weird.

First of June. BWAHAHA!!!

Yesterday was Marj's sorta pre-bertday celebration thingy. Lotta fun, I tell you.

Two words to epitomize it: Spontaneous and Hilarious with much credit to... (sige, enumerate natin kasi ganado ako) Pia for being herself, Bossing for teaching us the way of the multi-purpose can opener, Jolo just because he's Papalote now, Kuya Jo for going straight-edge, Yuna, for being kid-friendly and cake hungry, Van, for wearing a headband, Victor, for being forever young, Marj, for refusing to sit down and/or speak at all and Zack...

...for being one hell of a jacked up, rock-bodied BRONZE GOD <----hanep mehn...

No credit for me. Sulit na kasi tawa ako nang tawa XD

Much was said, and a lot was brought up (wag nang macurious, samin nalang yun, NYAHAHA!). Nostalgic memories of the past, the screwy yet highly entertaining present, and Victor's youthful future and possible presidential candidacy. Not to mention his secret to IMMORTALITY. He's been 16 for four years...and turned 15 yesterday. Asteeg diba?

The night was great, and even though I had a "curfew", it didn't really matter anyway. Curfew Shumrfew, oh ulol. NYAHAHAHA!!!

Happy birthday once again to my anak, Marj. You're legal now. Don't go breaking the law. Leave it to the pros like me and Kuya Jo. XD

THE LINE FOR THE EVENING: "Taga UP na ako. SUCK IT!" *crotch chops included*

High entertainment value from beginning to end. Sa uulitin.

Yours truly, Mr. T the mohawk fish




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When a door closes, batuhin mo ng tinapay

Let me begin by backtracking...
http://shiningbluemoon.blogspot.com/ <--May 27 entry and inserting this...

SM Supermalls
...boundless opportunities...

So, after my little exploit involving ABS CBN (earlier post), I was a bit disappointed, given the fact that I even sent an mp3 file of my voice (feel ko eh), and they also sent an email claiming that they were considering my employment. But what the heck, bla di da...

After checking my email the day after, this little job ad hit me smack in the face.

MOA Science Discovery Center

Responsible for creating/making the voices of the Animated Fish in the Virtual Reef and Tagi in the Robot Inc.
Controls the movement of Tagi Robot and the movements and expressions of Mr. T, the animated fish.

I'll submit a resume just for the heck of it. After all, matagal ko nang pinangarap maging robotic na isdang nagngangalang MR. T!

Cmon people...SINO BANG MAY AYAW NUN???!!! XD

SM Supermalls...boundless opportunities...not all of them making sense. XD

First failure on my own

Dear Juan Carlos,

Thank you for applying online to the following position advertised at

Position: Voice Talent (for Roadrunner)

On behalf of ROADRUNNER (an ABSCBN Company), JobStreet.com would like to
inform you that the processing period for this position has just ended.
Unless ROADRUNNER (an ABSCBN Company) has contacted you, it would be
advisable to consider your application not shortlisted. Please be
assured that your application has been given its due consideration
by ROADRUNNER (an ABSCBN Company).

We would like to congratulate those who have been hired for this position.

We thank you for using JobStreet.com and wish you all the best in your
career development.

The best is yet to come.


O siya't heto muli ang unos.

Malamig ngunit nagbibigay buhay...

Brunt of the Blunt

In all randomness, let me give you a number.

Yes, a number to tell you how I really feel right now.

lemme think...okay.

Number Four.

as in FOURK YOU.

Aqua Birdie and Random Musings = Reality

Being sick for four days pretty much heightens the level of suck one is already in.

Nevertheless, I do my best to amuse myself with cute little realizations which would probably make more sense to me than dousing a bonfire with gasoline to everyone else. Yeah. I'll keep this all as vague as possible.

Uno, dos, tres, quatro, here we go.

1. Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD - age old lesson, which I learn time and time again. It gets pretty painful the 189th time.

2. Dancing is good, even if you suck; as long as no one sees you - don't ask.

3. You may be good, but they're probably a helluva lot better - yes, you may have seen what you are truly capable of, and this is something quite good. Kudos. Only problem is, you're not alone.

4. Priorities are made, but not always followed - regardless of any excuse, yeah, uh huh.

5. Seeing what could have been...hurts - Its just like the movies. Sure, you do your best to avoid this so you can casually laugh at this type of situation, but its always funny until it happens to you. Yeah, the common cold clears all delusion and replaces it with a raging ache and a runny nose.

6. Setting principles at age 16 ain't so wise after all...for me, though - as I type this entry, I'm chomping on my own words like a starved, zombified dog.

7. There comes a time in life when one should grow up - need I say more?

8. I'm so broke, that i cant afford to lose - something good for something horrible XD

9. No matter how much fate seems to interfere, its still your call, believe it - "If life gives you lemons, batuhin mo ng tinapay." It goes like that, I think. Case in point, you can't deny your destiny, neither can destiny deny you. The future is in your own hands...go kick fate in the ass.

Since I'm back from the dead, a sucky dancer, an otherwise adequate, clear-minded, and semi grown up guy with my priorities straight who can't possibly afford to lose (not to mention i have some serious fate-ass to kick)...

I guess the only thing left to do is roll the dice (in MANY ways XD), and let the pieces fall where they may.

Overcooked Broccoli

My throat hurts and my voice is at an all time sucky low.

Its all because of this little endeavor:

I was up all night, desperately trying to put some OOMPH in my mp3-audition file (yes, that's what I call it), by doing everything humanely possible with my little voice. After twelve 2 to 3 minute long audition demos with all the drama and action kicked in by my loud wailing and impersonating, I was finally done. I came up with something. Something left with a lot to be desired.

It was a crappy 1:55 voice clip with nothing but my normal speaking voice which was badly weakened by practicing, tomfoolery, screaming at the barking dogs for barking at the moon, screaming at the moon because the dogs won't shut up, and sweet bananas.

Well, thats my first resume submission. Hopefully, I'll get a job. Yipee! XD



I need a miracle.

Wrong words, wrong timing, wrong person.

I'll make this short and sour.

The truth will remain the truth, regardless of how warped it may sound coming from a false tongue.

The eyes of the sober see everything, despite the assumed delusions of hidden desires and feelings. Such an assumption is a lie, which I consider crass and inappropriate...

Nevertheless, despicable.

The bond which never was and the kiss never shared will remain WHAT THEY ARE...

Mere figments of your drug induced imagination.

Let sleeping dragons lie, lest they devour your blind head in all it's intelligence.

For as long as I care, and these sober eyes can see, you shall not harm her. Count on it.

Oh, and if you think this entry is all about YOU, don't ask, because it probably is.

When Superstition Attacks


THIS happened a couple of days ago..

Is it really true? The 7 years thingy, i mean.

Whoo. Random.


Lets see...

What's it gonna be now, Guvna?
Has reality finally found it's way into that thick skull of yours?

Talking about the couldhavebeens...

Perhaps before, surely.
When the whole concept was an exciting little thing which perked the both of you up.
There was a time when you brought fascination, dreaminess, even charm.
Alas, you've gotten stale, and yes, it is YOUR FAULT.

Nothing has been more generous to you, than TIME.
You had it all. You knew you did.
Yet, you hesitated. You just had to look back twice.
The world literally cut corners for you

and still...

You lost focus.
You got high on the most publicly available drug this side of town


What happens now?...

Lets see...

Chim Chimmeny Cheroo

Let me backtrack to last night, as I always do.

Allow me to blog about this. My lil big sis humored me. You don't see that every day..

Bruce and I were having dinner, talking seriously (for once) while gobbling down something I can't quite remember (it had chicken, I'm sure). I was nearly done, when all of a sudden (like a cramp) a random question popped into my mind.

Gardo the herculean exemplar a.k.a Me: Bruce, ano bang mga idea mo regarding lurve? (in my sweet taglish accent)

With that said, Bruce sat up from her usual slouch with a fierce look in her eyes, and began quoting her classmate (so she said) in every exact detail.

Bruce: Kuya, there is no LOVE. There are only two things certain in this world. GOOD LOOKS and ATTRACTION TO GOOD LOOKS (all that said with complete facial expressions, hand gestures and food spewing from her mouth. She obviously could relate to what she said).

I just sat there, with my bewildered look, lost my appetite, then laughed.

And, that's all...

What? Expected more? Perhaps a realization?...Nah.

I just thought Bruce looked funny talking seriously about love with food flying from her mouth. You would too. XD

On a more seruous noe, however...


Like, whatever. We all look good. End of story. No questions asked.

I think I'm going insane.

Russian Rouletteness

Morning: STOIC and food-less

Afternoon: JOYNESS sa piling ng barkada sa bahay ni Rashid. Kabaliwan ang nanaig, at musika ang siyang naririnig

This made my day

While on a jeep home...

Rexy: Sige nga Jolo...
Jolo: Ano nanaman?
Rexy: Sigaw ka nga...
Jolo: Ng ano?

Basically, HALF of the afternoon involved us (Rex, Reg, Jolo-man, and maself) daring each other to do the dumbest, most hilarious (for us) things (too stupid to mention) beginning with "sige nga" (yes I know, we're all just kids after all).

With two of us being semi-drunk, it was all laughing while semi-reminiscing. Huwat a day. That's all I can truly say.

Got new music, courtesy of Shid's vast music collection (not too vast, but way vast-ER than mine. XD).



Wik Wiki Waaaaw


1. Coming out of the closet

2. Terminal illness

3. In love with a stripper who bought me a drank

4. Would "reveal" that he is a lecherous bastard (not that he MIGHT be)

5. Is adopted

6. Got hit by a parked car

7. Is depressed, wanting to commit suicide through self strangulation

8. Is a pedophile (ACK?!)

9. Caught STD by borrowing money

10. Is betrothed to his 65 year old neighbor

Here's 10. So, to avoid sullying my credibility (any further), I'll just go all out and greet everyone, one helluva HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

Just a Fool's Day thought:

Why do fools fall in love?...
Maybe because they can


I could not even begin to explain what I felt when I first saw this.

Truly unexpected, and will be forever cherished :)

I've never expected a gift made so painstakingly, and it touches me so much. The thought alone is golden. Coupled with a masterpiece, it becomes something so valuable, it would be impossible to gauge it's worth.

Just as the meteor showers that come so seldom warm my heart.

And as the moon that exudes a luminescent aura once in a while touches my soul...

This gift will always be a precious possession, which will always remind me of you :)

I love it, but I love the giver much more <3

Thank you so much Yuna. You never fail to leave me speechless *hakapz*


Boyfriend/Girlfriend potential:

1. Dapat ba gwapo/ maganda?
= If so, let it be. If not, fine with me.

2. Matalino?
= Maawa naman po sakin pag gahalimaw na intelligence.

3. Preferred age?
= Wag lang po 10 o 50 years old *shivers*

4. Preferred height?
= I'm not picky. Just not above 6'8

5. How about sense of humor?
= Laughter is the best policy XD

6. How about piercings?
= Pag umangal ako, baka masaktan lang ako, pisikali.

7. Accepts you for who you are?
= One big yes.

8. Pink hair?

9. Mushy or no?
= Sweet <3

10. Thin or fat?
= Basta may mayakap ^^

11. Moreno or chinito or mestiso?
= mestisA (tamad akong mag edit ng tanong :p)

12. Long Hair or Short Hair?
= Basta keri

13. Plastic or Metal?
= I'd choose a rocker over a poser any day

14. Smells good?
= Weirdo ang may ayaw nito, seriously.

15. Smoker?
= Hangga't kaya wag. Bud pur yur hilt.

16. Drinker?
= Tamang inom lang ^^

17. Girl-next-door type?
= Why not?

18. Musically inclined?
= Yes please ^^

19. Plays piano?
= Ivory sounds nice

20. Plays bass and acoustic guitar?

21. Plays violin?
= Wicked sick, BRAHMSSSSS

22. Sings very good?
= Tara, duet mode XD

23. Vain?
= Wag lang yung example ni Kuya Joseph ng vain XDDDDDD

24. With glasses?
= Cute <3

25. With braces?
= A killer smile is better, but in the end, it doesn't matter, diba? ^^

26.Shy type?
= pataytayodyan

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
= Neither a prude, nor a delinquent ^^

28. Active or passive?
= Active

29. Sporty or bum?
= Bum nalang, para pagsisilbihan ko siya <3

30. Singer or dancer?
= You can never go wrong with song and dance numbers

= Sana hanggang itsura lang, hehehe!

32. Hiphop?
= Ain't down wit dat, ya dig?

33. Earrings?
= Like I said, i don't wanna get hurt, di ako papalag XD

35. Torpe?
= this does not apply to me. fail.

36. Mr. or Ms. count-my-ex-till-u-drop?
= I don't play, so don't play me ^^

37. Dimples?
= Sure

38. Bookworm?
= Knowledge is powah. I lack powah.

39. Ms.love letter?
= Opo...

40. Makulit?
= Please, no physical assault.

41. Flirt?
= Ouch.

42. Poem writer?
= Not a must, but a plus ^^

43. Serious?
= Yeah, siryus.

44. Campus crush?
= Sana maabot kitaaaaaa *abots*

45. Painter?
= <3

46. Religious?
= Yes

47. Alaskador/a?
= Basta nasa lugar, ahehehe!

48. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
= Combination

49. Speaks 20 languages?
= All i need is the language of love.

50. Loyal o faithful?
= I need both, plus trust XD

Last night ended this morning

Had quite a swell time last night with the OINK family. Truly there was never a dull moment, but I guess that comes naturally with these friends of mine. This is most probably the last time I'll be out in a while, so I made the most out of it. Sayang at sumama ang pakiramdam ni Bossing, pero theres always next time ^^.

It was all well worth it, every damn second...

It took 32:48:13 for this....

to become this...

Awesome XD

Its not everyday that I go out with the special people in this life of mine, so despite the ridiculous overtaking of capitalism at our designated establishment, I had fun <3

(Lots of lurve to these peeps, according to seating arrangement from my left)

Yuna, Chongman, PiaPiaDulce, Papa Vic, Zorro-Lee, Anak, ZackMan, Kebs, GSP, Kurdapyo

Thanks guys, this won't be the last. Pag sumahod na ako after 100 years, LALABAS TAYO!!! XD

By the way, here's how my night/morning ended ^^

Nothing beats Mcdo's Hot Shocklit to get the crazy out of ya.

Then an upset stomach to drive you nuts once more. XD


This is it...

I've lived a quarter of my life successfully...



Happy Egg Day. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Started the day by waking up at 11 am with no food in sight. Quite an unholy morning, i thought to myself.

I was up all night waiting for 3 a.m. Some childish superstition involving something trivial. Nothing big, really.

Got a decent haircut at mom's suking salon, from a DUDE named KATE (yep). The cool thing was, for less than HALF the normal price, I got quite a good cut. Not impeccable, but good. Worth the 60 pesos, I must say.

Got some garb for Tuesday's graduation and a little something I promised for Pia and Pau-chan. Yes, yes, I only get to shop for nice clothes if something special comes up (That's like 5 times a year, including birthdays T_T). I'm glad people fail to notice that I wear the same thing over and over again (or do they? O_o).

Attended mass, then had dinner at Yellow Cab (stomach still aches, GAH!). A nice Egg Day , overall. Once again, HAPPY EGGSTER!

Can't wait to graduate...

Coz after I graduate, I'll have to wait...

How good was your Friday?

Just like every other Good Friday.

Churches galore.

Well, aside from the fact that some churches were locked down. No idea why.

Because of this abrupt deprivation of holy ground, we only visited a single church in Manila. It wass the first time I've been there, and I do not know why I've never seen that church before.

Nevertheless, all 14 churches were done by 4 pm. Sweet.

Anywaist, asayd prom dat, I was able to be true to my "fasting for one day" oath-to-self. Just fish all day (reminds me AGAIN of the mutant tilapias near Bal's house. Cat's greatest fear.) Quite a productive day....which is unlikely, since its...uh...Good Friday, after all.

The only thing left to do is find a way to get to sleep.

Insomnia is a deadly illness. Be clear.

The Harbinger

No matter how utterly splendid the arguments turn out, one thing will always remain certain...

I will not yield, nor will I empathize.

Despite your cunning attempts to faze my blossoming consciousness, my eyes see your ambiguous soul quite clearly.

This ambiguity, which sprouts anger.

What I am is purely the absence of guilt. Indifference best describes me in your presence. How deprived I was of joy has returned in wrath, ten fold.

Fury is but an understatement. Fire is the fodder. I feel nothing.

Apathy is not a sin, but a choice.

Songed to death

I'll be standing at the edge of the earth
Hoping for someday...

I'll be...

Living for someday
Counting on someday

Knowing that one day...


Happy happy, Joy joy

Yih XD

Heart of Darkness

It's a pleasant morning.

But I guess I couldn't say the same for others. Those who define the blackness of the soul in such a trivial fashion. Those who see the world in hyperbolic vision. So typical, yet so striking every time.

Like I said, the morning is ever so pleasant.

Waffles. Nyom nyom XD

The hooks lining the sinker

Barely two weeks before I say goodbye to the life I've known to be. Aruy

Yep, yesterday ended in a heartbeat, and the future will be waited for endlessly...again, just as it was back in high school. Slow, agonizing, and uncertain as hell.

But i really don't think anything away from school would change (namely HOME); the restraint, the boredom, the noise, the suffocation, the megalomania, everything, all alive and BITING.

Summer will be the same. All the ideas and cravings, nay. It'll all be a tiny package of "what ifs" which will most likely be left hanging, left in the mind to rot along with all the other hopes and dreams. Let's move on.

What will be of me after all this?:

1. I still can't see the month of June without me going to school (one way or another). I'll either get a job, or take up my master's degree (good luck with that XD).

2. I also can't see myself away from SMC. Everyone important is there. I must (take note..MUST) go there once in a while, or I'll cold turkey myself to death.

3. Lastly...I can't grow up just yet. Regardless of what the "higher powers" say regarding responsibilty...

I'm old enough to know better, but still too young to care.

Good Night XD

Huli man ang dating....late parin. May Keds.

Fueled by passion, determination...and chocolate.

Regardless of anything, the show must go on.

The first few minutes will last an eternity...

But in the end, one hell of a great memory <3

I just want to post a tribute to everyone who made this awesome shindig possible.

*hat off, sabay bow*

Owmaykeds, Hooray!

Today was nothing but bright lights, semi-maniacal laughter, cheering for Sandy, and whopping success for everyone. Day one of "Oink-ness" kicked some major ass, and there's nowhere to go, but up.

Tomorrow is quite uncertain, so I'll leave this hanging for the meantime.

We can and will once again kick major ass tomorrow. Today we rock, tomorrow, we roll XD

Swift and Silent

Ok, so tomorrow we all go into uncharted territory, namely the stage (uncharted...for me, that is).

Bottomline: Despite my attempts to psych myself up to get into character, I'm scared as hell, and I want it all to be over when I snap my fingers. *snap* Oh God, I'm still here.

Everyone will kick major ass, and the show will blow the audience away, that much I'm sure. The longest hour of our life (well, as of tomorrow) will end in a grand spectacle of light.

Glorious...very hanep.

Despite this fear welling at the bottom of my stomach, I have complete faith and confidence in the people I work with. The most talented, dedicated and devoted peeps you'll see. Believe it.

Ok here goes nothing...

*snaps again*

Oh forget it...

From out of nowhere and into the living room

Im on blogspot now.

Hooray for JC, bringing his dullness, skepticism and apathy elsewhere (OA lang po).

Anywho, I've yet to get the hang of changing templates and editing html (which i totally suck at, BIG TIME), so my blog will most likely be under construction for the following days (or years, God knows).

Its almost 1 a.m, so I'll wrap this all up real quick. The first real post will come later, when the hour I'm online is less unholy XD

Special tenks to Bossing por the quick tutorial

Guten Tag.