Lets see...

What's it gonna be now, Guvna?
Has reality finally found it's way into that thick skull of yours?

Talking about the couldhavebeens...

Perhaps before, surely.
When the whole concept was an exciting little thing which perked the both of you up.
There was a time when you brought fascination, dreaminess, even charm.
Alas, you've gotten stale, and yes, it is YOUR FAULT.

Nothing has been more generous to you, than TIME.
You had it all. You knew you did.
Yet, you hesitated. You just had to look back twice.
The world literally cut corners for you

and still...

You lost focus.
You got high on the most publicly available drug this side of town


What happens now?...

Lets see...

Chim Chimmeny Cheroo

Let me backtrack to last night, as I always do.

Allow me to blog about this. My lil big sis humored me. You don't see that every day..

Bruce and I were having dinner, talking seriously (for once) while gobbling down something I can't quite remember (it had chicken, I'm sure). I was nearly done, when all of a sudden (like a cramp) a random question popped into my mind.

Gardo the herculean exemplar a.k.a Me: Bruce, ano bang mga idea mo regarding lurve? (in my sweet taglish accent)

With that said, Bruce sat up from her usual slouch with a fierce look in her eyes, and began quoting her classmate (so she said) in every exact detail.

Bruce: Kuya, there is no LOVE. There are only two things certain in this world. GOOD LOOKS and ATTRACTION TO GOOD LOOKS (all that said with complete facial expressions, hand gestures and food spewing from her mouth. She obviously could relate to what she said).

I just sat there, with my bewildered look, lost my appetite, then laughed.

And, that's all...

What? Expected more? Perhaps a realization?...Nah.

I just thought Bruce looked funny talking seriously about love with food flying from her mouth. You would too. XD

On a more seruous noe, however...


Like, whatever. We all look good. End of story. No questions asked.

I think I'm going insane.