I could not even begin to explain what I felt when I first saw this.

Truly unexpected, and will be forever cherished :)

I've never expected a gift made so painstakingly, and it touches me so much. The thought alone is golden. Coupled with a masterpiece, it becomes something so valuable, it would be impossible to gauge it's worth.

Just as the meteor showers that come so seldom warm my heart.

And as the moon that exudes a luminescent aura once in a while touches my soul...

This gift will always be a precious possession, which will always remind me of you :)

I love it, but I love the giver much more <3

Thank you so much Yuna. You never fail to leave me speechless *hakapz*


Boyfriend/Girlfriend potential:

1. Dapat ba gwapo/ maganda?
= If so, let it be. If not, fine with me.

2. Matalino?
= Maawa naman po sakin pag gahalimaw na intelligence.

3. Preferred age?
= Wag lang po 10 o 50 years old *shivers*

4. Preferred height?
= I'm not picky. Just not above 6'8

5. How about sense of humor?
= Laughter is the best policy XD

6. How about piercings?
= Pag umangal ako, baka masaktan lang ako, pisikali.

7. Accepts you for who you are?
= One big yes.

8. Pink hair?

9. Mushy or no?
= Sweet <3

10. Thin or fat?
= Basta may mayakap ^^

11. Moreno or chinito or mestiso?
= mestisA (tamad akong mag edit ng tanong :p)

12. Long Hair or Short Hair?
= Basta keri

13. Plastic or Metal?
= I'd choose a rocker over a poser any day

14. Smells good?
= Weirdo ang may ayaw nito, seriously.

15. Smoker?
= Hangga't kaya wag. Bud pur yur hilt.

16. Drinker?
= Tamang inom lang ^^

17. Girl-next-door type?
= Why not?

18. Musically inclined?
= Yes please ^^

19. Plays piano?
= Ivory sounds nice

20. Plays bass and acoustic guitar?

21. Plays violin?
= Wicked sick, BRAHMSSSSS

22. Sings very good?
= Tara, duet mode XD

23. Vain?
= Wag lang yung example ni Kuya Joseph ng vain XDDDDDD

24. With glasses?
= Cute <3

25. With braces?
= A killer smile is better, but in the end, it doesn't matter, diba? ^^

26.Shy type?
= pataytayodyan

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
= Neither a prude, nor a delinquent ^^

28. Active or passive?
= Active

29. Sporty or bum?
= Bum nalang, para pagsisilbihan ko siya <3

30. Singer or dancer?
= You can never go wrong with song and dance numbers

= Sana hanggang itsura lang, hehehe!

32. Hiphop?
= Ain't down wit dat, ya dig?

33. Earrings?
= Like I said, i don't wanna get hurt, di ako papalag XD

35. Torpe?
= this does not apply to me. fail.

36. Mr. or Ms. count-my-ex-till-u-drop?
= I don't play, so don't play me ^^

37. Dimples?
= Sure

38. Bookworm?
= Knowledge is powah. I lack powah.

39. Ms.love letter?
= Opo...

40. Makulit?
= Please, no physical assault.

41. Flirt?
= Ouch.

42. Poem writer?
= Not a must, but a plus ^^

43. Serious?
= Yeah, siryus.

44. Campus crush?
= Sana maabot kitaaaaaa *abots*

45. Painter?
= <3

46. Religious?
= Yes

47. Alaskador/a?
= Basta nasa lugar, ahehehe!

48. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
= Combination

49. Speaks 20 languages?
= All i need is the language of love.

50. Loyal o faithful?
= I need both, plus trust XD

Last night ended this morning

Had quite a swell time last night with the OINK family. Truly there was never a dull moment, but I guess that comes naturally with these friends of mine. This is most probably the last time I'll be out in a while, so I made the most out of it. Sayang at sumama ang pakiramdam ni Bossing, pero theres always next time ^^.

It was all well worth it, every damn second...

It took 32:48:13 for this....

to become this...

Awesome XD

Its not everyday that I go out with the special people in this life of mine, so despite the ridiculous overtaking of capitalism at our designated establishment, I had fun <3

(Lots of lurve to these peeps, according to seating arrangement from my left)

Yuna, Chongman, PiaPiaDulce, Papa Vic, Zorro-Lee, Anak, ZackMan, Kebs, GSP, Kurdapyo

Thanks guys, this won't be the last. Pag sumahod na ako after 100 years, LALABAS TAYO!!! XD

By the way, here's how my night/morning ended ^^

Nothing beats Mcdo's Hot Shocklit to get the crazy out of ya.

Then an upset stomach to drive you nuts once more. XD


This is it...

I've lived a quarter of my life successfully...



Happy Egg Day. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Started the day by waking up at 11 am with no food in sight. Quite an unholy morning, i thought to myself.

I was up all night waiting for 3 a.m. Some childish superstition involving something trivial. Nothing big, really.

Got a decent haircut at mom's suking salon, from a DUDE named KATE (yep). The cool thing was, for less than HALF the normal price, I got quite a good cut. Not impeccable, but good. Worth the 60 pesos, I must say.

Got some garb for Tuesday's graduation and a little something I promised for Pia and Pau-chan. Yes, yes, I only get to shop for nice clothes if something special comes up (That's like 5 times a year, including birthdays T_T). I'm glad people fail to notice that I wear the same thing over and over again (or do they? O_o).

Attended mass, then had dinner at Yellow Cab (stomach still aches, GAH!). A nice Egg Day , overall. Once again, HAPPY EGGSTER!

Can't wait to graduate...

Coz after I graduate, I'll have to wait...