Misty Moisty Morning

The morning sun finally came out. I didn't miss it. Even more now that I finally decided to wear a jacket to work. Curse you, fickle-minded weather, you and your indecisive rainshowers.

Good (yet awfully tedious) Morning to everyone supposedly reading this. In case you decide to log in a little later, then good (most likely uneventful) day, kind sir/ma'am.

Heyers, I know you're still asleep (yeah, I'm stalking you :p), so just rest up. Take it easy today and don't stress yourself out (I mean it, DON'T). It just so happened that good ole' Lady Luck had a PMSing bitchfit, thus pumping immense amounts of stress, worry and hullabaloo into your pretty little head. If only I could be there to take care of you, I sure as hell would. I'd really love to. Kaya tandaan, PUMETIX ka lang ngayong araw, hehe! I miss you. <3

Time to work.

Forcefed in the morning

One can only be obedient for so long.