A gun that fires shurikens and lightning

I suddenly realized (yes, JUST NOW)...

I want to share my life with someone.

Good luck with that, Guvna.

LOTS of luck.

They say nothing lasts forever.

Will you be my nothing?

Champola lost me at age 9

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
Weekend of May 24th. Circumstantial, mandatory, yet quite amusing bonding time with good old father while mom and Bruce went and got fat in faraway Davao. Saw a whole different side of him. A less tense and more carefree side. Never really enjoyed spending time with dad in the past. Quite ironic that just when I had no choice, I had fun.

"If you were the opposite sex, would you go and date yourself?"
Hey, with the way I think, absolutely anything could happen. But the question here is:

Would myself date my opposite sex self?... Bah, anywho...

JC you hot young man... Rrrrrawr...XDDD

"If you could ask God one question and he would answer you, what question would it be?"
Oh I'd give God a friggin field day.

Why the HELL are there women more MANLY than MEN?! (not vice versa, I'm quite biased) Is there some friggin LOOPHOLE i'm unaware about? Also, why did you create...cockroaches?

That's what I MIGHT ask. On a more serious note though...

Why did you create me as an inferior individual in your otherwise equal yet dystopian world?

If he can give me an answer...yebah.

"If given the gift of immortality would you accept it? Why?"

Of course, it'd be fun the first three to four years with me flying through the air, falling from buildings, jumping into moving traffic, shooting myself, and getting rich from freak shows. Truly profitable and high entertainment value.

But its always fun and games until everyone you love is gone.

I think the gift of eternal hotness would be good enough, don't you agree?

"Do you recall a time in your life when God sent you a sign right under your nose, and you failed to recognize it then and only got it afterwards?"
I'm sure. Maybe I purposely avoided those signs out of fear.

"Would you choose love over career or career over love?"
Ever heard of the phrase, "no money, no honey?"

Go figure. They go hand in hand. So, career for love, it is.

"Do you believe that destiny brought you to where you are right now or is it your own choice that led you were you are exactly?"
The whole destiny - own choice thing has been nipping at my heels for far too long.

Maybe I'm where I am because I avoided what destiny has to offer. Maybe I followed what destiny laid out in front of me. Maybe I live in some parallel universe where everyone is just a mechanical puppet being observed through two-way bulletproof plexi-glass.

Case in point. Wherever am now, it was because of my achievements, screw-ups, and whatnot. No idea where destiny comes in.

"When do you know when enough is ENOUGH?"
When your friends and family tell it to your face.

"Is seeing really believing?"
Something arguable. I'd be a hypocrite if I said no, but I'm a God believer. What to do....

"Would you rather come back to the past or would you prefer to see the future?"
The past can't be fixed, but the future can be altered. I'd dwell and ponder on the present to see it all through...and avoid screw ups.

Could it be fate?...

I received a text message from one Dr. Decena asking if he could call me. Weird and random...

Later on, he followed up with yet another text message, asking again, clearly stating that he's at his vet office awaiting my reply. Still weird, but not so random anymore...

Soon enough, I got the call...just weird.

Dr. Decena (supposedly): Hillo?
Me: (short pause) Moshi Moshi?
Dr. Decena: Ahh...Attorney Macaspac ni? Dito aku Bet opis.
Me: Ahhh ehh...
Dr. Decena: Attorney?
Me. Ay, sorry ho, wrong number.
Dr. Decena: Ukie.

Indeed, that was a wrong number and quite an awkward conversation...yet intriguing...and still weird.

Who is this Attorney Macaspac, and how are his digits uncannily the same as mine? Where could these people be? Were they using code names? Did they have breakfast? Why the hell did I say Moshi Moshi? What does NI mean? (sorry, no orientation to other dialects)

These were a few questions going through my mind...when it hit me...not weird anymore, bro.

Maybe I REALLY was Attorney Macaspac yet not fully aware! Maybe I'm not really who I think I am and have another name...

like Gardo.

Yeah...Gardo Macaspac...attorney at law.

Random afternoon. A reason why I fell asleep...now thats weird.

First of June. BWAHAHA!!!

Yesterday was Marj's sorta pre-bertday celebration thingy. Lotta fun, I tell you.

Two words to epitomize it: Spontaneous and Hilarious with much credit to... (sige, enumerate natin kasi ganado ako) Pia for being herself, Bossing for teaching us the way of the multi-purpose can opener, Jolo just because he's Papalote now, Kuya Jo for going straight-edge, Yuna, for being kid-friendly and cake hungry, Van, for wearing a headband, Victor, for being forever young, Marj, for refusing to sit down and/or speak at all and Zack...

...for being one hell of a jacked up, rock-bodied BRONZE GOD <----hanep mehn...

No credit for me. Sulit na kasi tawa ako nang tawa XD

Much was said, and a lot was brought up (wag nang macurious, samin nalang yun, NYAHAHA!). Nostalgic memories of the past, the screwy yet highly entertaining present, and Victor's youthful future and possible presidential candidacy. Not to mention his secret to IMMORTALITY. He's been 16 for four years...and turned 15 yesterday. Asteeg diba?

The night was great, and even though I had a "curfew", it didn't really matter anyway. Curfew Shumrfew, oh ulol. NYAHAHAHA!!!

Happy birthday once again to my anak, Marj. You're legal now. Don't go breaking the law. Leave it to the pros like me and Kuya Jo. XD

THE LINE FOR THE EVENING: "Taga UP na ako. SUCK IT!" *crotch chops included*

High entertainment value from beginning to end. Sa uulitin.

Yours truly, Mr. T the mohawk fish




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