Overcooked Broccoli

My throat hurts and my voice is at an all time sucky low.

Its all because of this little endeavor:

I was up all night, desperately trying to put some OOMPH in my mp3-audition file (yes, that's what I call it), by doing everything humanely possible with my little voice. After twelve 2 to 3 minute long audition demos with all the drama and action kicked in by my loud wailing and impersonating, I was finally done. I came up with something. Something left with a lot to be desired.

It was a crappy 1:55 voice clip with nothing but my normal speaking voice which was badly weakened by practicing, tomfoolery, screaming at the barking dogs for barking at the moon, screaming at the moon because the dogs won't shut up, and sweet bananas.

Well, thats my first resume submission. Hopefully, I'll get a job. Yipee! XD