The times you ask God, WHY?

It's quite amazing how the mind works in the wee hours of the morning. Even more amazing is what six straight hours of half-baked, seemingly coerced music could do to your body.

Music is something beautiful. I intend to keep this little rant-esque entry as brief as possible. Tally-ho.

Live Music: Eight random points to brood upon:

1. Icing : Cake / Vocalist : Band

- Now, there's a myriad of great bands out there, complete with the much required passion, gusto, and mad skills. True enough, some would believe that an insane guitar virtuoso or mad slapping speed bassist would be enough to bring a band to rock glory. In this case, I say nay.

If a vocalist sings like your resident drunkard, compares to your high school declamation champ, or is no other than Jayson Fernandez, then there's definitely something wrong. Yes, an obvious, and quite irritating problem nowadays.

2. In a charity concert, you get your money's worth.

- I'm not insinuating that they're in it for the money, but honestly, who plays for free? I'd say for every fifty really good bands, only three would wholeheartedly play free of charge. So, what about the other eighteen slots for the concert of twenty one acts? It's a little something called mediocrity. It's everywhere. It scares me.

3. The Ramones are Punk, you are not.

- Teenagers nowadays find sped up versions of old, mushy love songs quite "hip" and "cool", much to the dismay of the older generation and other teenagers who know better. It's this kind of travesty that really grinds my jellybeans.

Playing "It might be you" in doubled speed isn't something pleasant. To tell you the truth, I can't think of anything more ridiculous to compare it with. See how it impairs my thinking? Getting hit by a parked car pales in comparison to this sort of bullshit. At least I get a good laugh out of it. Hehe, funny parked car.

4. There's more to awesome than stock knowledge.

- Having diverse knowledge and distinct taste in music is definitely an advantage. This sets you apart from the newbies, posers, and dumbarses, kicking you up a notch on that ladder of music know-how.

This however, is not enough. You may be an avid fan of Rage Against the Machine, but to even think about attempting to cover these songs without having the slightest idea of how capable you are is somewhat...unexplainable. So, before you go out there to emulate Zack de la Rocha, make sure you can live up to the name, or at least sing decently.

5. Oh shit, it's the fog!!!

- If you're a fan of the band Join the Club, then you must know that they recently joined another club; the Obscure Lethargic Almost Terminated Sessionists, or OLATS.

Citing a certain instance last night during the particular charity shindig I've been ranting about, they were supposedly one of the twenty one bands to play. Despite their obscurity and lack of talent, they did show up early in the evening. As expected, no one cared.

Surprisingly, they disappeared later on, never to be seen during the remainder of the concert. Now, how obscure can one get, right? Yeah, I thought so.

6. Teenagers nowadays...

- I won't elaborate on this point, seeing how sad the situation is. Just use your imagination, do the math, then go figure.

7. Original turf = SUPERSTARDOM

- Just a little observation. Quite predictable, actually.

No matter how much you suffer from points 1, 3 and 4, as long as you're a prominent guy with a half-decent band on your own turf, the audience members will literally wipe the sweat off your face and frame the wet towel in their own little shrine. Creepy much? Embrace it. No one else will think you're cool anyway.

8. Leave to Hayley what is meant for Hayley, especially if your name is George.

- My own little pet peeve; role reversals which end in disaster.

This applies to songs from every female band which have that much fame in the teenage generation. Covering songs is fun and all, most especially in the company of your band, in the privacy of a rehearsal studio. Much better if you can pull it off with your own twist, thus giving a distinct sound.

Misery Business was never meant to be sung live by pre-pubescent boys. Better yet, it wasn't meant to be sung AT ALL by pre-pubescent boys. Yes, your testicles may not have dropped yet, but no matter how high up those balls are, you're still no Hayley Williams.

Point Zero -

- Giniling Festival is ALWAYS worth the wait. Whether it be the long dragging hour waiting for the first act, or the six hours of auditory madness before the last, which ever place you put them, they steal the show. See you guys at the UP Fair.

Bah. Baloney. So, this ends my little bashfest.

Crappy as the night may have seemed, it took just one person to turn things around 180. Sensya na medyo lanta yung mga bulaklak, si Bruce kasi eh. XD