9 nights more

Year two of my simbang gabi moments.

Day nine ended in a wet drizzle, much to the dismay of the nightly commute. Now, I guess it's time to get with the superstitious (though widely practiced...even by myself) program and make that wish.

The future remains uncertain, and the past will always willingly unleash mind-wracking regret whenever it has a chance. Despite the uncertainty and randomness of everyday life, I always find myself caught in a sense of intrigue, if not confusion. Not because almost everyday contains its own dose of boredom (How intriguing, eh?), but rather, I literally learn something new each day.

I'm thankful for another year, simply for the fact that I'm still breathing. I need not count my blessings, as a myriad they truly are. I'm alive. I can look up at the sky, reach for the sun, and dream. It's all hunky-dory peachy from where I'm standing.

Screw the future. It hasn't even been made yet.

I love my LIFE, I love my WORLD.