The hooks lining the sinker

Barely two weeks before I say goodbye to the life I've known to be. Aruy

Yep, yesterday ended in a heartbeat, and the future will be waited for endlessly...again, just as it was back in high school. Slow, agonizing, and uncertain as hell.

But i really don't think anything away from school would change (namely HOME); the restraint, the boredom, the noise, the suffocation, the megalomania, everything, all alive and BITING.

Summer will be the same. All the ideas and cravings, nay. It'll all be a tiny package of "what ifs" which will most likely be left hanging, left in the mind to rot along with all the other hopes and dreams. Let's move on.

What will be of me after all this?:

1. I still can't see the month of June without me going to school (one way or another). I'll either get a job, or take up my master's degree (good luck with that XD).

2. I also can't see myself away from SMC. Everyone important is there. I must (take note..MUST) go there once in a while, or I'll cold turkey myself to death.

3. Lastly...I can't grow up just yet. Regardless of what the "higher powers" say regarding responsibilty...

I'm old enough to know better, but still too young to care.

Good Night XD

Huli man ang dating....late parin. May Keds.

Fueled by passion, determination...and chocolate.

Regardless of anything, the show must go on.

The first few minutes will last an eternity...

But in the end, one hell of a great memory <3

I just want to post a tribute to everyone who made this awesome shindig possible.

*hat off, sabay bow*