10 things that'll make me go OOOOOOOOH!

Grabbed from Bosingfiao XD

DISCLAIMER: Subject to change whenever I start getting lucky in life.

10 things that'll make me deliriously ecstatic...or hunky dory. I'm not that easy to please, but not too picky either. Watch as my imagination unfolds. In short, lemme bore yo mind.

10. A sunny, windy day.

- Yes siree, this'll do the trick. Nothing beats seeing the clear blue sky with a cool breeze in your face. More than once have I been caught staring upward with a smile when this sort of weather occurs. But who cares, I have the wind in my face and I wouldn't have it any other way.

9. Cherry 7-up and Apple Sauce

- Though I'm quite sure diabetes will be my best friend on this, my summer wouldn't have been complete without these saccharine delights. The sore throats and shifty metabolisms were well worth it. I'm shallow. YES. But we're only at number niiiiiiine.

8. One friggin, tricked up Mazda RX-8 MS (mazda speeeeeeed)

- I drive stick, yes. But I'll go full auto on this one. Just looking at it makes me....*wipes mouth* As far as car fetishes go, this is the one and only automobile for me. If God grants me a car, let it be an RX-8.

7. My own pad with everything in it, hopefully in the SCOUT area

- Proximity, convenience, and no rules. Nuff said XD

6. A sense of contentment/relief

- With all these distractions, temptations, and FOOD sprouting from thin air, you just crave for more of everything. To just wake up one day having not to worry about ANYTHING in the near or distant future would be grand. A "whole life insurance" package, if you will.

OKAY, now I'm halfway, so things are gonna get serious around here...

5. Blueberry Cheesecake

-.......WHAAAAAAT? A little decadence hurt no one. Besides, Blueberry Cheesecake is LOVE, and love is serious business. Never underestimate the power of the cheesecake...EVER.

4. That drunken feeling which I seldom get (maybe twice in my lifetime?)

- As Fergie said, "Now as the drinks start pourin and my speech start slurrin, errbody start looking real good." Plus that feeling when your head gets heavy and you start laughing...then fall asleep.

3. A Full Moon during a blackout

- Nothing says "Je Taime...and that's the only French I know.", like a full moon emanating blue light all around. I might as well amuse myself at the time because its hot as hell inside the house.


- We all dreamt of being super...somethings in our younger years, right? Hmm...

Ive always wanted to sprout six black wings and summon a twenty foot katana from the sky. Not to mention the perks of 20/20 vision, monstrous cardio and always being a total hottie regardless of how much you eat....or how many limbs you regenerate.

Aaaaand heres number one on my list. I didn't get the idea from anyone but I'm sure I share the sentiments of many...

1. Kiss...me... in the rain

- Since I was fourteen. Yep yep, it's always been the scenario playing in my mind accompanied by Babyface's "Every time I close my eyes" and Marvin Gaye's "Lets get it on". Totally cliche for some, but I just love the idea of it. Who cares if people stare, or if you get pneumonia, or if your mom passes by and faints? You shared a *insert time limit* kiss under the rain, something more magical than...FRIGGIN MAGIC ITSELF! For me, nothing could compare to that. *sigh*

Je Taime, Sil Vous Plait XD