Owmaykeds, Hooray!

Today was nothing but bright lights, semi-maniacal laughter, cheering for Sandy, and whopping success for everyone. Day one of "Oink-ness" kicked some major ass, and there's nowhere to go, but up.

Tomorrow is quite uncertain, so I'll leave this hanging for the meantime.

We can and will once again kick major ass tomorrow. Today we rock, tomorrow, we roll XD

Swift and Silent

Ok, so tomorrow we all go into uncharted territory, namely the stage (uncharted...for me, that is).

Bottomline: Despite my attempts to psych myself up to get into character, I'm scared as hell, and I want it all to be over when I snap my fingers. *snap* Oh God, I'm still here.

Everyone will kick major ass, and the show will blow the audience away, that much I'm sure. The longest hour of our life (well, as of tomorrow) will end in a grand spectacle of light.

Glorious...very hanep.

Despite this fear welling at the bottom of my stomach, I have complete faith and confidence in the people I work with. The most talented, dedicated and devoted peeps you'll see. Believe it.

Ok here goes nothing...

*snaps again*

Oh forget it...

From out of nowhere and into the living room

Im on blogspot now.

Hooray for JC, bringing his dullness, skepticism and apathy elsewhere (OA lang po).

Anywho, I've yet to get the hang of changing templates and editing html (which i totally suck at, BIG TIME), so my blog will most likely be under construction for the following days (or years, God knows).

Its almost 1 a.m, so I'll wrap this all up real quick. The first real post will come later, when the hour I'm online is less unholy XD

Special tenks to Bossing por the quick tutorial

Guten Tag.