Aqua Birdie and Random Musings = Reality

Being sick for four days pretty much heightens the level of suck one is already in.

Nevertheless, I do my best to amuse myself with cute little realizations which would probably make more sense to me than dousing a bonfire with gasoline to everyone else. Yeah. I'll keep this all as vague as possible.

Uno, dos, tres, quatro, here we go.

1. Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD - age old lesson, which I learn time and time again. It gets pretty painful the 189th time.

2. Dancing is good, even if you suck; as long as no one sees you - don't ask.

3. You may be good, but they're probably a helluva lot better - yes, you may have seen what you are truly capable of, and this is something quite good. Kudos. Only problem is, you're not alone.

4. Priorities are made, but not always followed - regardless of any excuse, yeah, uh huh.

5. Seeing what could have been...hurts - Its just like the movies. Sure, you do your best to avoid this so you can casually laugh at this type of situation, but its always funny until it happens to you. Yeah, the common cold clears all delusion and replaces it with a raging ache and a runny nose.

6. Setting principles at age 16 ain't so wise after all...for me, though - as I type this entry, I'm chomping on my own words like a starved, zombified dog.

7. There comes a time in life when one should grow up - need I say more?

8. I'm so broke, that i cant afford to lose - something good for something horrible XD

9. No matter how much fate seems to interfere, its still your call, believe it - "If life gives you lemons, batuhin mo ng tinapay." It goes like that, I think. Case in point, you can't deny your destiny, neither can destiny deny you. The future is in your own hands...go kick fate in the ass.

Since I'm back from the dead, a sucky dancer, an otherwise adequate, clear-minded, and semi grown up guy with my priorities straight who can't possibly afford to lose (not to mention i have some serious fate-ass to kick)...

I guess the only thing left to do is roll the dice (in MANY ways XD), and let the pieces fall where they may.