Since HP6 is all the rage...

As we take a gander at this year's adaptation of the Harry Potter series, we take time to remember those who didn't quite make it to the actual film. To top things off, we have Mr. Avada Kedavra, Tommy Boy, he-who-shall-not-yet-always-does-get-mentioned, the good ole' Lord Voldemort himself. In hindsight, we have the late Cedric Diggory, who by some bizarre, yet totally pro-fangirly twist of fate, re-emerged as the teenybopper sensation, Edward Cullen. So, where the hell are they as HP6 commences?

Oh, there they are.

Never saw THAT coming. So, what's next?

Killing curse? Screw that. Wesley Snipes'll do you in...

Do you in GOOD.


aaaand I forgot that site Bill used to get the Blade pic